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Zombies in the Classroom is Live: Read a Preview
I first shared Chapter 1 of Zombies in the Classroom here: Chapter 2 below...Cricket was late, but none of the other kids in her class would have thought so. She’d stil...
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Veering Off on Valentine's Chapter 1
1–Blizzard Jordan Cartwright sat at the dining room table, creating a valentine for her best friend Avery, when her brother Brody walked by. “Jordan’s got a boyfriend, Jordan’s got a boyfriend,” he sang. “I do not. Avery’s not my boyfriend,” she said...
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Halloway Hills Middle School Mysteries Books 1-3
Three short, page-turning mysteries for resistant readers ages 9-11 featuring mischievous cats and their middle grade owners.In Hiding Out on Halloween, Avery Mcintosh borrows the Super Ultimate Minecraft Hacks book from the school lib...
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Scruffy Muffin Gets a Video
I recently finished a storyboarding class through Athabasca University. I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning about storyboarding, illustration, and/or animation. As part of my final project I was required to record a video of my st...
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Zombies in the Classroom: Chapter 1 Preview
“Brilliant,” said Cricket, eyeing the dreamcatcher James held toward her. “B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T.”“Um . . . okay,” said James, placing his dreamcatcher on the desk.“It’s one of our spelling words,” said Cricket, tying the final jewel on her own dreamcatc...
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